After long, laborious and exigent ascents we observe the beginning of muscular pain 2-4 days later and not the precisely next day of the ascent.  The explanation for this provides the called delayed onset of muscle soreness, DOMS.

    The descents of great height differences are extremely exigent and cause little ruins of the muscular fibres via certain processes in microcellular level. After the end of the exercise, these little ruins stimulate a repairing mechanism that is expressed with the feeling of pain. This repairing mechanism requires a supply of amino-acids which are the basic units for the composition of proteins. The last statement strengthens the opinion for increased needs of engagement of proteins in this interval. This practically means that the investment in the consumption of qualitative and rich in proteins diet (e.g. meat, fish, and dairy products) after a laborious ascent, contributes in the better muscular re-establishment initiating. This of course does not reverse the consumption of other alimentary elements as the carbohydrates, in charge of which the proteins should not be consumed. This also does not imply a super meal period.

    However, in order for this article to be completed I should not omit the report in researches which show that the repairing mechanism itself realises amino acids which are used for the new protein formation. From this element it results that we do not have essentially absolute losses of amino-acids.



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